Welcome to the Dashboard, !


The boxes app allows admins and users with the correct permissions to modify content. For instance, a user can modify a title or description of an item. In addition, the boxes app also has uploading capabilities which can be useful when updating PDFs.

Admin List View

There are two ways of accessing the Boxes Edit View. The first is the admin list view allows admins and users with the correct permissions to view all the boxes on the website. The second way is to go to the box you want to edit and click on the little blue pen. 

Admin List View


Blue Pen View


Boxes Edit View

The boxes edit view is where you will be modifying all your content. Here you have access to a nice textarea and tools to format things to your liking. 


Upload View

The upload view allows you to upload important documents that you can later share with others. Just remember that anyone can access this information so don't upload anything confidential.

Button to Navigate to Upload View List


Upload Files List

Click the Upload Files button to upload files. You can click on the file to view the contents. If it is an image the image will be loaded in another tab. Finally, the Trash Can will allow you to delete files. ONCE THIS IS PRESSED WE CANNOT RECOVER YOUR FILES


Upload Confirm Delete View

To ensure that you don't accidentally delete a file you are required to confirm that you would like to delete the file. If you want to delete the file click delete button to continue if not just press cancel or the back button.


Adding File Links to a Box

PDF Uploaded

First upload a file. In this example we will be uploading a PDF. Look at the Upload View for more information. 


Copy the Path

Next you want to copy the link to that file. Simply copy the path in this case (files/irc3-readthedocs-io-en-latests.pdf). 


Open the Box

Once copied open the box you would like to add the link to. You can edit the name as you see fit by simply copying the link and creating a new one. In this case we are just going to leave it as the path. 



Finally, simply hit submit and view the changes made to that box.